ACE Hardware Store Locations are an Arizona Homeowner’s Dream

ACE hardware store locations can be found in many convenient places. Knowing where to find your closest store can help you significantly when the next home project comes around. What some customers do not know is that ACE hardware stores sells more than just lumber and nails for carpentry and large scale building projects. Each location also offers many items you need for regular home maintenance.

The Basic Necessities of Home Owning Available at ACE Hardware

The next time you visit an ACE hardware store location, make a list of home owner necessities. These are items that almost every home owner needs at some point. For example, if you notice your bathtub may be leaking around the edges, then it may need to be re-caulked. Caulk is also ideal for sealing around windows and doorframes. Your ACE hardware store offers many must have items like this, including:

  • Wall anchors for hanging pictures and decorations
  • Small hand tools for minor household repairs
  • Drain cleanout products and household sink snakes
  • Filter replacements for water filters, furnaces and more
  • Everyday basic repair products including duct tape and wood glue

Home Cleaning and Safety Products from ACE Hardware

ACE hardware locations also provide customers with a long list of cleaning and safety products for household use. These items can help you regain control of your living space and protect those who exist in it. For example, the purchase of hooks and shelves from your local ACE hardware can help you clean up a messy garage or shed. Containers such as tool boxes also allow customers to find better ways to store their household items.

Safety is another very important consideration for every homeowner. ACE hardware stores provide Arizona homeowners with many items that can protect everyone in their homes. Child safety covers and similar products are available for families with young children. ACE hardware also offers reliable fire extinguishers that no home should be without. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are another must have that should be found on every floor in your home. ACE hardware store locations have many brands available so you can find safety necessities that fit your budget.