ACE Hardware in Phoenix, AZ

The ACE Hardware in Phoenix, AZ has been around since 2001, and the business later added another location in Globe, Arizona. The Globe location has actually been a hardware store since 1898, but it became an Ace Hardware in 1970.

Through the years, many people across the country have trusted ACE Hardware to take care of their home repair needs. The company is the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the world, and there are more than 4,500 stores open all around the world.M

ACE Hardware offers a wide variety of services, including everything from carpet cleaning machine rental to key cutting. The Ace Hardware in Phoenix, AZ is one of the company’s premier locations, offering design services like countertop, flooring, and bath remodeling. Not every Ace Hardware store offers these services.

Another service provided by ACE Hardware is the Ace Pro’s program. The company offers consultants who will come over to your home and help you figure out the problem and determine what the best solution is. This helps to take all the guesswork out of do-it-yourself home repairs. Ace Pro’s offers consultants in plumbing, electrical, and many other areas of expertise you might not expect, like independent living, which involves fitting a home with accessibility features for people with disabilities.

ACE Hardware also offers an online catalog, which makes it easy to make sure that they have what you need before you head down to the store. The website offers the current advertisement and also an area to shop online by category of whatever you are looking for.

The ACE Hardware in Phoenix, AZ also offers commercial services, making it easy to have a constant supply of the tools and parts you need frequently in your business. Business customers simply have to fill out a business charge application in order to set up a commercial account. Then all you have to do is charge parts to your account and simply pay for all of them later. This allows you to serve your customers because “a quick trip to ACE Hardware to pick up parts” really is a quick trip.